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The H1N1 flu virus strain was first identified in 2009, causing the H1N1 influenza pandemic. It is still circulating in Canada and other countries including the United States, and is now considered a common influenza strain.

Since September 29 there have been 203 people who tested positive for influenza in BC. Of these, H1N1 was been identified as the strain in 84% of the cases. The H1N1 flu virus strain is known to cause more illness in younger individuals. There are higher rates of hospitalization among those diagnosed with the H1N1 strain, but so far the severe cases requiring ICU admittance appear to be occurring mainly in the Lower Mainland. There have been one suspected death due to H1N1 reported so far in BC.

In general, there has been a sharp increase in reported cases of influenza since December 15, 2013. While high, these rates do fall within the expected range for this time of year. It is also important to remember that collecting realistic data on influenza rates is very difficult; results can be skewed because of things like different health care seeking behaviors during the holidays, and people staying home when they have the flu and so their influenza case goes unreported.

It is not too late to receive a flu shot. It is the best way to not get the flu. The 2013/14 seasonal flu vaccine provides protection against the H1N1 flu virus strain. Even if you received the H1N1 flu shot during the pandemic in 2009,you cannot assume you are still protected. You still need to get this season’s flu shot.

To get a flu shot, please call Rose at 378-9745 to make an appointment.

References: Public Health Agency of Canada, BCCDC

Annual General Meeting

Our AGM is taking place at 5:00pm on November 21st, 2017 at Coldwater Band Hall.

The purpose of this notice is to give the membership time to put forth any resolutions that they may wish to be voted on at the AGM. A resolution to be voted on at the AGM must be received at the SCHSS office no later than 4:30 pm, Friday, October 6, 2017.

A resolution so received will then be reviewed for appropriateness and may or may not be put forward to the AGM. NO Resolutions will be accepted from the floor of the AGM as any resolution to be voted on must be posted with the final notice of the AGM.

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