Non-Insured Health Benefits

The First Nations Health Authority (FNHA) Health Benefits program provides a specific number of health related goods and services to meet medical or dental needs not covered by provincial, territorial, or other third party health insurance for BC First Nations.

Health Benefits that are part of Non-Insured Health Benefits Program are:

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Vision Care


Medical & Community Van Service

Community Medical Van is a 6 passenger van for members of the Shackan, Coldwater and Nooaitch Indian Bands to attend medical appointments in Merritt:

Tuesday – Coldwater
Wednesday – Shackan
Thursday – Nooaitch

Clients who have medical appointments have first priority. If there is enough time clients can do a few small errands. The van will pick clients up at home and drop them off at home.

Hours: Leaves Merritt at 2:30pm.

Medical Van is a 6 passenger van for members of the Shackan, Coldwater and Nooaitch Indian Bands (or other band members living on one of the Villages) to attend medical appointments in Kamloops:

Hours: The Medical van leaves SCHSS office depending on times of appointments. On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays the van leaves Merritt by 7:40am and then leave Kamloops by 2:30pm. This is all dependent on appointment times. Tuesdays and Thursdays hours are more flexible.

Who is Eligible?
Band members or a person(s) residing on Shackan, Coldwater and Nooaitch Indian Band.

The van must be booked by calling the Non-Insured Health Benefits Clerk at Scw’exmx Community Health Services Society at (250) 378-9745. Appointments NEED to be booked before 3:30pm, the day before your travel day. For Example a Coldwater client would call Monday before 3:30pm.

Cancelling a trip
Call the NIHB Clerk (250) 378 9745 Ext. 10

The van leaves SCHSS office at 8:30am, and leaves town 3:30pm sharp. If client is not ready or at pick-up location assigned by the driver, they will be fully responsible for finding their own way home.

There is NO cost for clients


Medical Van Poster

Appointments to other cities can be covered under medical transportation: Mileage, meals, and accommodations may be covered depending on the type of appointment, length in travel and whether or not a client has to spend the night. Confirmations slips have to be signed or stamped by the office, receptionist, nurse or doctor.

NIHB Forms

Benefit Exception Dental Form
Benefit Exception Medical Form
SCHSS Confirmation Slip
FNHA Client Reimbursement Form (Off-Reserve Clients)
FNHA Off-Reserve Confirmation Formation of Attendance Form